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Summer Institute 2019 Online Classes
for Non-public School Teachers and Administrators in Maryland
$60 non-refundable fee per class.  All online courses will be eligible for 3 MSDE credits for recertification.
Online Session 1: June 17 to 27, 2019
  • Assessment for Reading Instruction Textbook   Syllabus

    • This course is designed to support teachers in becoming proficient users of classroom-based assessments and assessment data. Instruction focuses on the purpose of assessment, types of assessment tools, and the administration and use of valid, reliable formal and informal assessments of reading. Participants will show that they can use assessment data to guide instructional decisions.

  • Blended Learning - Station-Rotation Model Class is FULL.   No Textbook Syllabus

  • Google Apps in Education No Textbook. Syllabus  Class is FULL.    

  • Methods of Teaching Reading in the Content Area (Part 1)  No Textbook. Syllabus

  • Using Science Inquiry in the Classroom No Textbook. Syllabus

  • Using Student Assessment Choice to Motivate Student Learning   No Textbook. Syllabus

  • Utilizing Today’s Technology in the 21st Century Classroom  Class is FULL.  No Textbook  Syllabus

  • Utilizing Today’s Technology in the Non and Emergent Reader Classroom No Textbook Syllabus



Online Session 2: June 24 to July 5, 2019
  • Google Apps in Education No Textbook  Syllabus   Class is FULL.  

  • Internet Resources, Safety and Ethics  No Textbook. Syllabus

  • Materials for Reading Instruction No Textbook. Syllabus

  • Methods of Teaching Reading in the Content Area (Part 2 ) No Textbook. Syllabus


  • Processes and Acquisition of Reading  Optional book   Syllabus

    • This course explores an instructional approach for teaching literacy skills: speaking, reading, spelling, and writing.  It also addresses fluency, comprehension, orthographic knowledge, and writing from an emergent to advanced level.  Students examine how observation, documentation, interpretation, evaluation, and planning result in appropriate instruction based on children’s strengths and needs.  The course also focuses on the process of language development, including the impact of phonemic awareness and how the brain responds to reading acquisition.

  • ​Using Learning Targets to Guide Student Success No Textbook. Syllabus

  • Using Technology in the STEM Classroom No Textbook. Syllabus