Moldavite- Emerald Gem from the Galactic Heart

Crystals as well as stones are unique and magical in their own ways. They also have energies and properties that resonate with individuals and can help us in times of need. Moldavite (one of the most extraordinary and powerful stones) shares the same hue and vibrancy as Heart Chakra, new energies, and is one example of this.

Let’s find out more about the uniqueness this precious stone has to offer. Buy moldavite can be described as a “tektite”-a mysterious collection of glassy objects. It is the result of a meteor collision with Earth about 15 million year ago (14.8). It is thought to have fallen only once from the skies, just above the Moldau River Valley in Czechoslovakia. These green gems are unique to the Czech Republic. These rare gems have been prized for thousands and years by humans. Today, royalty give them as gifts. Moldavite is often referred to as the Stone of the Holy Grail. This stone, a “emerald” believed to have fallen from the Sky, is a talisman which heals the Earth. It has the power to accelerate one’s inner growth. Moldavite has an undeniable power that even those not sensitive to energy from stones can feel.

Moldavite, whether worn or just held, can generate many interesting and immediate reactions. These include heat flashes, radiating heat and energy jolts. It isn’t something you should play with. Because it vibrates so strongly, people who are not used can feel quite depleted as their vibrational energy catches up.

Moldavite can be a powerful Chakra opener, activator, especially resonating with Crown Chakras and the 3rd Eye. Although it tends initially to move to the most physical and etheric places, its energy will ultimately settle in the heart.

Moldavite makes a great stone for healing and meditation. Its transformative abilities allow for an increased vibration and energy resonance throughout the entire body. The stone’s transformative properties have many benefits. For example, it activates the dream state when worn during sleep. It can also help you to acclimate to Earth plane environments if you feel excluded. This stone is great for helping with self-discovery and enlightenment.

It is the only known “extraterrestrial-derived” gemstone and is associated to the Star card. It has a direct connection to the Heart Chakra. Moldavite allows one to actively connect to the heart. Moldavite is a stone which helps us to touch the wonderful pink (or sometimes green) resonance in our hearts. Wow! What a powerhouse of multiplicity. It is not hard to see how it can intimidate at first. It is full of releasing, relinquishing and calming energy that one needs to be ready. Although inviting this beautiful piece into you life will already reflect that on some level, it is a way to show your gratitude. It is indeed a celestial’stone of transformation. Not all stones are suitable for everyone.

Moldavite will let you know if it’s right for your needs by either resonating to what you are reading or making contact with one. Isn’t that wonderful? There are so many options to help you find what resonates for you. You can enjoy these beauty if your heart is ready. You will find a friend for life that you will cherish and want to go with you on this journey.


You may find it useful to mentally prepare yourself before wearing your Moldavite. Moldavite blends well with stones such as amethyst (rose quartz), citrine, tanzanite and sugililte. It can boost the energies of any stone it is paired. It can be worn alone, as you may wish to go cold turkey.

The stone is available in two forms: as a natural, unpolished stone and as a raw, amorphous rock. The cutting process can create an increased level of energy in faceted moldavites. The stone can also be used to create lasers if it’s cut into specific shapes. It all comes down to you and your intention, and how the energy of your stone blends with it. Whatever shape or type resonates with the you, it’s the best choice for you. You will get exactly the results and needs you seek. Just like everything, trust your instincts. Higher prices don’t denote personal fulfillment.

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