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The Consortium’s priority is to articulate and support the vital role of Catholic schools in the faith formation of young Catholics and those who seek a Catholic education. The group will define a clear, succinct and compelling Catholic identity statement for the Mid-Atlantic Catholic schools so that those schools can most effectively implement Catholic identity into all aspects of school life. The Consortium seeks spread the good news about Catholic schools to all Catholic families, especially those in under-served areas in urban environments.


Religious communities have longed formed the backbone of Catholic schools in the United States and brought a unique and vital dimension to Catholic school life. Though the numbers of priests and religious who work in Catholic schools has declined dramatically in recent decades, the Consortium values greatly their contributions and looks forward to working closely with religious communities to ensure the long-term success of Catholic schools.

"Catholic schools collaborate with parents and guardians in raising and forming their children as families struggle with the changing and challenging cultural and moral contexts in which they find themselves. Catholic schools provide young people with sound Church teaching through a broad-based curriculum, where faith and culture are intertwined in all areas of a school’s life. By equipping our young people with a sound education, rooted in the Gospel message, the Person of Jesus Christ, and rich in the cherished traditions and liturgical practices of our faith, we ensure that they have the foundation to live morally and uprightly in our complex modern world. This unique Catholic identity makes our Catholic elementary and secondary schools “schools for the human person” and allows them to fill a critical role in the future life of our Church, our country, and world."


-U.S. Bishops, Renewing Our Commitment, 2005